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Independent preschool program in Creve Coeur

Welcome to Lucky Lane Nursery School, a fun and educational place for your little one to make friends and engage with the world around them. Our goal is to spur on the healthy development of young minds and bodies through stimulating activities that build confidence in social situations and foster positive lifelong learning habits. Our scope goes beyond the classroom; however, as we regularly involve families in exciting annual events to help reinforce the values being taught in school and build a sense of closeness and trust. You and your child will feel like part of a bigger family that will provide invaluable support through the most important developmental stages.
Children dressed up at the preschool program in Creve Coeur

Become part of the community

Inclusivity is one of our most closely held tenets, and we welcome students of all racial, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. We celebrate diversity as an opportunity to enrich our students, and we regularly plan exciting events that encourage family members to get involved in shaping our community. These fun-filled events take place both on and off campus, allowing students to feel a sense of continuity between the classroom and the rest of their world. Most of our students know one another, and it is our goal to allow their families to benefit from this feeling of closeness!
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Get to know our philosophy

At Lucky Lane Nursery School, we take a play-based approach to learning, since this is how kids aged 2-5 are best able to take in the richness of the world around them. Established in 1951, our hands-on approach has time and again proven to instill in our students a strong sense of self-confidence and receptiveness to learning. We believe that young students who participate in learning activities that engage them among their peers and their community will have a distinct advantage throughout their lifetimes, having developed stronger social skills and an insatiable drive for discovery.

An environment where kids thrive

Most parents are shocked to see our unique campus for the first time. We boast over five acres of land where kids have the freedom to learn, grow, discover, embrace and blossom. Playtime is serious business for us, and we take great care to cultivate an environment that expands young horizons. We have many rooms dedicated to a wide variety of educational activities, including library time and music classes. During the summer we make full use of the available space, offering outdoor water play, crafts, cooking and even themed weeks!

Call (314) 434-4462 to become part of our community!

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