Annual Activities

Fun and educational annual school activities in Creve Coeur

One of our primary goals at Lucky Lane Nursery School is to involve our students and their families in school activities in an effort to build a sense of community and belonging. We believe that blurring the perceived boundaries between school and the rest of their lives will help children to more effectively retain the lessons they learn in class. Parents appreciate the chance to put faces with names, to take the initiative to plan events themselves, to become room parents or even to participate on our board. Take comfort in being a part of the supportive atmosphere where your children learn and grow each day. Check out our planned annual events below!
School outdoors activity with balloons in Creve Coeur

Meet and Greet

Lucky Lane Nursery School opens our doors for parents, children and teachers to meet, mingle and get excited about starting a brand new school year together. This is where our community building begins!

Trunk or Treat

To get into the Halloween spirit, our families decorate their trunks and hand out goodies while our children dress up for a costume parade. We always have so much fun observing self-actualization at work, with kids imagining themselves as their favorite superheroes, animals and cartoon characters. Our goal is to create safe and fun spin on Trick or Treat. Contact the front office if you would like to be one of the “stops” in our lineup! Prizes for best trunk decorations!

School Fundraisers

A fun opportunity to get students and parents involved in helping the school, and as a non-profit establishment, all funds we generate go directly toward helping to enrich your child's learning experience.

Family Day

Parents are invited to attend this special day during the month of May. Your child will enjoy sharing their classroom experiences, taking pride in showing off their good behavior, creativity and including you in on the fun we have together every day!

Lucky Fun Day

This annual event is a spring carnival that celebrates the end of the school year. Activities include carnival games designed by the children. Children and parents also enjoy eating lunch with other Lucky Lane families.

Class Parties

Parents plan the parties throughout the year to celebrate Halloween, the Winter Season and Valentines Day. Children's birthdays are special occasions enjoyed in the classroom during snack time.

If you've got an idea for a fun event, we'd love to hear it! Get in touch by calling (314) 434-4462.

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